The CrossFit Open 2024 is underway! During this time at CrossFit Choice we’ve made our very own in-house competition to help make the Open even more enjoyable for our members. There are three teams consisting of; Blue team (reigning champions), Grey team and Black team. Each team has 9 members, chosen by the team captain and they all have to collectively gain as many points as possible throughout the competition to see which team will be named the winners, and be engraved in the CrossFit Choice plaque which sits proudly in the communal area upstairs.


Points can be collected by completing the workouts, participating in the wildcard challenges that take place every Friday, tagging CrossFit Choice in social media and taking part in the cooking competition.


Each week will see a new workout announced by CrossFit HQ on a Thursday evening, everyone will have a chance to complete the workout on Friday evening or Monday evening, with the chance to redo on Monday (should you want to!)


The Friday Night Lights at the gym is a great event held every Friday during the Open with most of the members taking part and cheering their fellow members on. This really showcases what we’re about at CrossFit Choice, an awesome community that not only loves to workout, but loves to support each other too.The wildcard event and cook-off takes place throughout the course of the evening too, which creates a great atmosphere with many members bringing their family to join in on the cheerleading!


The 24.1 Workout

For time:

21 dumbbell snatches, arm 1
21 lateral burpees over dumbbell
21 dumbbell snatches, arm 2
21 lateral burpees over dumbbell
15 dumbbell snatches, arm 1
15 lateral burpees over dumbbell
15 dumbbell snatches, arm 2
15 lateral burpees over dumbbell
9 dumbbell snatches, arm 1
9 lateral burpees over dumbbell
9 dumbbell snatches, arm 2
9 lateral burpees over dumbbell

*Time cap: 15 minutes

♀ 35-lb (15-kg) dumbbell
♂ 50-lb (22.5-kg) dumbbell

The Cook Off

This week’s cook off was a mexican theme, with each team having to contribute a mexican dish for the commissioner to judge. Our very own member Rosie was named commissioner, and took her role very seriously doing a blind taste test to determine the winner. This week’s chefs were Griff, Louise and Lauren, well done to all with Griff (black team) taking home first place.


The Wildcard Challenge

At the end of the evening, the wildcard challenge needed to be completed, which was to do 150 American kettlebell swings in the fastest time possible. Gemma, Tarryn and Isobel took part with Gemma from the black team finishing first.


To help make it easier, here is the points scoring for the wildcard and cooking challenge: 

1st – 10

2nd – 5

3rd – 3


This week was a black out with the black team winning both the cooking challenge and the wildcard with the blue team in second and grey in third for each challenge.


Here’s the team scores after week one:

Black Team – 714

Grey Team – 707

Blue Team – 697


At the end of week one, it’s a massive well done to the Grey Team for outright winning 24.1 by 30 points. Social Media posts tipped Team Black into first place but it’s all to play for as the teams move into week 2. 


Overall it was a great first week of the Open at CrossFit Choice, with five members redoing the workout on Monday to better their scores. This year, we’ve had over 10 members take part in the Open for the first time, which is amazing to see!


We’ve had some great feedback from our members and they are really enjoying their first CrossFit Open experience. We know what a great event this is, so we love to see our members and community enjoy it as much as we do!


“Didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I’m loving it! I love taking part and being a team player”


“The first one was better than I expected with lots of ways to get involved (if you want to that is!) Already can’t wait for the next one!”


The next workout gets announced at 7pm GMT on the 7th March 2024, you can see the workout updates here