What is it you actually want……..Chase your own goals!

Goals act as clarity, they provide a sense of direction and act as a filter making it easier to say no to things that do not serve your purpose or goals. However, allow us to let you in on a secret……winners and losers have the same goals, every Olympian wants to win a goal medal, every rugby team wants to win the match and every boxer that ever-stepped foot in the ring wanted to win a world title.  It’s not the goal that fails them, it’s the system they were following.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t do there things that you are saying you are going to do? Why you don’t lose the weight or stop smoking or save for your retirement or start that side hustle? Why do you say something is important but never seem to have time for it?  The answers to these questions can be found somewhere in the failing systems and habits you current have in place in your life.

“It’s often said that we don’t rise to the levels of our goals, we fall to the levels of our systems.”

When considering what goal you are trying to achieve, try this simple exercise.  Write down on a piece of paper………“what do I really want” ask yourself the same question repeatably, it will become clearer the more you write it down and what was once important no longer matters. Try considering these 2 points when thinking about what goal you are trying to achieve:

  1. You want to be really clear what you’re trying to do – work backwards from magic, what does the gold standard version look like if you achieve it?
  2. You want to be really flexible how you get there, no one can predict the future, you need to be adaptable to changes in circumstances. Predict the problems that may arise and how you could navigate them successfully.

The goal is the target, the successful systems are the habits you follow every damn day in order to reach your goal, you then optimise and refine your system along the way.  Like a bird taking flight for the very first time, you jump with an idea of what you need to do and you learn to fly on the way down! So let us help you take that leap of faith…..

“Habit” is defined as: A routine or practice performed regularly; an automatic response to a specific situation.

Your habits are shaped by the systems in your life.  Constantly ask yourself questions, for example if someone wants to lose 1 stone in weight. They constantly ask themselves when they face a difficult choice, what would a healthy person do? Should I eat the whole pack of cookies – what would a healthy person do? (Maybe just a few).  Should I take the stairs or use the lift – what would a healthy person do?  Should I drive to my friend’s house or should I take the 10 minute walk – what would a healthy person do?  The answer will relieve itself, as time goes on you will no longer need to ask yourself the question, these habits will become automatic.  9 times out of 10, if you’re having to ask yourself the question, you already know the answer!

A great tool for keeping track of your habits is a habit tracker, without habits and systems the goal is just a day dream, it’s not actually real.  We all ‘NEED’ to apply massive action in the pursuit of our goals. Otherwise they are just hopes and dreams and you are no longer a day dreamer!  Habit tracking can be tedious and can add more tasks to your already busy schedule.  But, to make habit tracking easier, record the measurement as soon as the habit occurs wherever possible. Before we all jump into implementing loads of different habits and trying to track them all at the same time, it’s important at this stage to understand that less is better in this situation, especially when introducing something new.  Try implementing 1 or 2 new habits at first:

“It’s a simple equation….

Track your progress — Make adjustments  — Track your progress = Optimising Your System.”

Only once you have optimised the system for one habit, then begin to implement new ones which serve YOUR purpose and YOUR goals!

Here is a formula for tracking habits:       After (NEW HABIT), I will (TRACK MY HABIT BY…..).

For Example:

–       After I workout, I will mark the ‘workout’ column.

–       After I drink my 3 litres of water for the day, I will mark ‘the drinking water’ column.

–       After I complete my morning mobility, I will mark ‘morning mobility’ column.

The above formula helps create a ‘habit’ by using your habit tracker and tracking your progress along the way.  You will be surprised how rewarding to mark off a task column versus leaving it blank.  It is also invaluable when you look back on your week and see how true you actually are to working backwards from the magic to achieving your own ‘Olympic Gold Medal’.