As Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 approaches, this year’s theme of “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” highlights the huge impact that exercise can have on our mental health.


It’s great to see the collective effect that sports and physical fitness is having on our overall well being as a whole, but there is still more to be done. Any form of physical exercise is beneficial but CrossFit stands out as a really relevant tool for promoting mental health especially with its community setting.


Which is why we’re on a mission at CrossFit Choice to highlight the benefits! We want to get more people in the local Portsmouth community to get involved in CrossFit helping them feel not only physically strong, but mentally strong too.


The Science Behind CrossFit and Mental Health

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive link between exercise and mental well-being. These show a significant decrease in mental health issues among individuals who participate in regular exercise, with team sports showing the greatest reduction in poor mental health. 


The sense of community and belonging along with the physical release of the hormone dopamine, allows for athletes who participate in CrossFit to reduce the negative effects of stress, loneliness and depression. Plus, the post-workout high experienced by many CrossFit athletes is attributed to the release of naturally occurring neurotransmitters that promote feelings of calm and well-being.


The Mental Focus of CrossFit 

Besides its physical benefits, CrossFit promotes mental focus, discipline, and resilience. By challenging athletes both physically and mentally, CrossFit workouts encourage a growth mindset (In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work) and a sense of accomplishment. The supportive community within CrossFit gyms creates friendships and accountability further enhancing mental well-being.


Incorporating CrossFit into Daily Life


Now, to get the benefits of CrossFit for your mental health, here are some practical tips for individuals looking to incorporate CrossFit into their daily routines. 

  • First off, find a local gym (CrossFit Choice is always recommended, see our reviews
  • Once you’re signed up to an affiliate gym, start slowly, modify workouts as needed.  The coaches at CrossFit Choice can help with this.
  • Also remember to balance rest and recovery. 
  • Then think about setting specific goals to set yourself


This coupled with practising mindfulness are really useful strategies for optimising your mental health whilst achieving your fitness goals. 


Plus, if you ever feel like you need support, always lean upon your teammates in your Crossfit gym. With the role of the community playing a key role, seeking support and accountability within the CrossFit community is also encouraged.


This Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 with the theme of “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” really resonates deeply with the principles of CrossFit. By taking part in CrossFit, you can improve your sense of belonging, physical fitness and overall well-being. 


If you want to see how you can join an awesome group of people and work on your fitness goals, why not try a free trial class at CrossFit Choice.