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Fortitude Strength


About the programme

Fortitude Strength is all about the Strength Gain Train. The programme is based on research provided by Arther J. Drechsler (Weightlifting Encyclopaedia) and Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoe (Practical Programming for Strength Training) along with a decade of strength training delivery with high performing teams. It mixes Max Effort Days with Dynamic Effort Days (Louie Simmons – Westside BB Principles) and Conditioning Days. Both Powerlifting (PL) and Olympic Weightlifting (OL) are great forms of training for the development of strength. We mix both theories throughout our programming……Our GOAL is to be Strong like Bull!

Who is this for?

For anyone wanting to increase their strength or who are a competitive CF Athlete and want to bump their number’s up from a strength perspective. You may have great capacity during Metcons and a kick ass Murph Time, but you will be the first athlete out on the Snatch Ladder if your strength is not up to scratch. In addition to anyone who has a love for the BB and just wants to grind, work hard and Clang and Bang!

Sample Programming
Day 1

  • 5 Sets: 3 position C&J: (mid-shin, above the knee, high hang) – 50-75%
  • 4 x 4: Split Jerk Behind the Head: 70%
  • RDL – 4 x 8 reps (moderate-heavy load)


  • 4 RFT:
    • 10 Power Snatch
    • Farmers Carry 20m out and back
    • 10 Shoulder Overhead
    • Farmers Carry 20m out and back

*BB weight – 70/ 50kg
*DB Weight – 22.5/ 15kg

Sample Programming
Day 2

  • 5 x 5: Snatch: 50%-75%
  • 4 x 4: Push Jerk: 70%
  • 5 x 5: Back Squat: 75%


  • Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes:
    • 14 DB BOR (7 R, 7L)
    • 7 DB Thrusters
    • 14 DB Front Rack WL (7 R, 7L)
    • 7 Strict Pull Ups

*DB Weight – 22.5/ 15kg