The Process 

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans – ‘Peter Ducker’

When reading or researching anything to do with the development of physical training, whether it be from the development of speed, breaking a marathon PB, competing in a powerlifting competition to being fit and healthy for everyday life, all roots point towards one common theme……the development of strength.  There is no form of motion that does not require some expression of force; therefore, all sports will derive benefit from sports appropriate strength training.  Strength training is commonly referred to the underpinning for the optimum development of everything we do.  Strength training builds not only muscular strength but also mechanical strength of the connective tissue, especially around the joints.  For tendons and ligaments a strong muscle will absorb more energy than a weak muscle group.

Here’s the catch, you can’t just stumble into being strong, it takes time to build the foundations, you need the right diet, right programme, right coach and above all else good new habits and commitment to the process in the pursuit to be strong.  Consistency is key, we have often witnessed people jumping onto a strength development programme and sacking it off after two weeks because the changes aren’t quick enough, this is short sighted and incredibly dumb.  Give the programme time and continue to show up and train hard, it takes a great deal of commitment to add 20kg to a Back Squat in an 8 week period.  Programme hopping is not a fast track to results.  Strength training is based on building blocks, lay the foundations first before progressing to heavier loads and more advanced movements, it does not need to be sexy to be effective, trust the process!

Moving Forward:

  • Work out what your goal is
  • Formulate a plan/ programme
  • Ensure your nutrition is in sync with your goal
  • Remain consistent, commit to the process and see the programme through, you won’t be disappointed

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