The CrossFit Open is one of the biggest events in the CrossFit calendar and is an event for affiliates and athletes of all abilities all over the world! It’s a great occasion that enables you to reveal new found ways to enjoy the sport more than ever before! 


Whether you’re a CrossFit enthusiast, a curious newbie, or an avid supporter, the Open holds unique significance for everyone who participates.


For many, the Open breathes life into the purpose behind their daily CrossFit commitment. It’s a testament to our health and fitness goals, providing a global platform to stay accountable and connected. The support around all of the affiliate gyms and the worldwide community during the Open resonate as a powerful reminder: We’re part of something bigger.


The Open isn’t just a workout; it’s a way to test your competitive aspirations. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone wanting to try out the art of competition, the Open caters to various fitness levels. For a select few, it’s the start to the CrossFit Games, which is the pinnacle of fitness competition.


Irrespective of your fitness level, the Open is more than just individual efforts. It turns our collective progress into a tangible result, showcasing that, together, we’re getting fitter. The Open is an experience that goes beyond just workouts; it’s a testament to the strength of community and shared values.


Launched in 2011, the Open revolutionised fitness competitions by creating a global, online event. Athletes worldwide complete designated workouts, submit scores, and engage in the collective pursuit of fitness. Structured over three weeks, the Open is a great way to participate, get fit, have fun and increase community bonding.


The Open welcomes everyone, offering a range of divisions to cater to diverse fitness levels. Whether you’re a casual participant or an aspiring Games athlete, the Open has a place for you. It serves as a standalone annual challenge for most participants and the first step for those seeking additional competition.


The Open isn’t reserved for just elite athletes, it’s for everyone! It’s an inclusive experience that only requires your willingness to try. The excitement of the Open will propel you forward, improving your fitness journey. Don’t wait until you feel “fit enough”; the Open is the perfect starting point.


The workouts mirror your daily CrossFit routine, ensuring a familiar and achievable experience. Attending regular classes prepares you with the skills needed to tackle Open workouts. It’s an opportunity to showcase your progress and celebrate your commitment to CrossFit!


Sharing scores is integral to CrossFit’s culture, promoting accountability and community commitment. It ensures transparency, discourages dishonest practices, and creates a shared sense of accomplishment. 


Running from 29th February – 18th March, there are weekly workouts released and each workout is completed in the week before the next workout is released. There is plenty of time to practise if there are movements you’re unsure of, and this also allows you to improve your score.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration for the 2024 Open is now live! You can sign up today. It really is a great experience to be part of.


At CrossFit Choice we find this such a great time for our community. We use this as an opportunity to create teams and have real fun around CrossFit. Most people who have never participated in the Open come away from the experience with an increased love for the sport which is amazing to experience!


If you want to try try CrossFit before the open, we have FREE trial classes, so why not book on and get ready for the Open!