Starting CrossFit isn’t just about hitting the gym; it’s a lifestyle overhaul that brings unexpected side effects that you wouldn’t realise. For beginners, this is not only a path to fitness but also a new found way to find joy in exercise. So what might be an unexpected side effect of starting CrossFit?


1. Exercise Doesn’t Feel Like a Chore

First of all, say goodbye to the days of dragging yourself to the gym. With CrossFit, exercise isn’t just going through the motions, it actually becomes something you enjoy. The dynamic and varied workouts keep things exciting, making you actually look forward to breaking a sweat.


2. Continuous Learning Keeps Things Fresh

CrossFit is like a classroom where the curriculum never gets boring. From mastering new movements to exploring different workout formats, you’re always learning something new. Forget monotony; embrace the thrill of discovering what your body is capable of.


3. You’ll Get Lots Of Well-Meaning ‘Non-CrossFit’ Advice

As you start getting into the world of heavy lifting and high-intensity workouts, expect well-meaning friends to express concern. Don’t be surprised if Aunt Karen starts warning you about lifting weights. It’s a testament to your newfound dedication that sparks conversations outside the box.


4. You Get Really Good at Counting

CrossFit turns you into a mathematician. Whether it’s reps, rounds, or seconds, you’ll develop a keen sense of numerical precision. It’s a skill you never knew you needed, and now you’re counting everything!


5. Reveal Your Mental Strength

CrossFit reveals your inner grit. As you complete challenging workouts, you’ll realise you’re far tougher than you ever imagined. It’s not just physical strength; it’s mental resilience that gets a boost.


6. Battle-Scarred Hands: Wear Those Calluses Proudly

Callus-y hands might seem like an unwelcome surprise, but in the CrossFit world, they’re badges of honour. Consider them war wounds, but don’t worry there’s an lots of products to turn those battle-hardened hands into a testament of your dedication so they aren’t too gross to look at or touch.


7. Friendly Competition and Ego Check

You’ll discover a competitive spirit you didn’t know existed. However, CrossFit’s beauty lies in its diversity. Everyone excels at different aspects, and comparing yourself becomes a thing of the past. Egos are left at the door, and the community thrives on support and camaraderie.


8. A Circle of CrossFit Conversations

Get ready for a new social circle that talks CrossFit—A LOT. Your conversations will revolve around WODs, PBs, reps and the latest gear. It’s great to be part of a community you never even knew you needed with a shared language that brings people together.


9. Sweet Dreams: CrossFit for Better Sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights. The exertion and endorphin release from CrossFit translate into improved sleep quality. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day even if it is at 5am ready for the morning class!


10. Gym Wear Dominates Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe undergoes a transformation, with gym wear taking up about 80% of it. Your smart / casual wear will somehow involve workout gear, your wardrobe staples include leggings (or shorts), vest and sweatshirts and of course at least one pair of Nike Metcons. Plus, you’ll always be looking to buy more of it! 


11. Confidence Soars to New Heights

CrossFit isn’t just a physical journey; it’s a way to skyrocket your confidence. Achieving fitness milestones, conquering fears, and pushing your limits elevate your self-esteem to unprecedented levels you never imagined.


12. Everyday Tasks Are a Breeze

Lifting shopping bags, playing with your kids, and tackling daily chores become a breeze. CrossFit equips you with functional strength that extends beyond the box.


13. You’ll Learn To Embrace the Beginner’s Mindset

No matter how experienced you become, CrossFit ensures you always feel like a beginner, everyone does! There’s always a new skill to master, a challenge to overcome, which is what keeps it exciting.


14. Rest Days Feel Like a Missed Opportunity

Rest days become the unexpected downside. You’ll miss the energy, the community, and the endorphin rush that comes with your regular CrossFit sessions. It’s a testament to how much you’ve grown to love the lifestyle. As much as you miss CrossFit during these breaks, rest is necessary. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for sure when it comes to CrossFit.


CrossFit isn’t just a workout regimen; it’s a experience that brings joy, transformation, physically and mentally, unexpected surprises, and a sense of community. Celebrate the quirks, and relish every moment of your new love for exercise. Get ready to discover a version of yourself that you never knew existed!

If you want to try CrossFit for yourself, at CrossFit Choice we have a FREE trial class for anyone wanting to see what Crossfit is all about. To register for, book here. We can’t wait to see you in the box and welcome you into our community!