With the final workout of this year’s CrossFit Open, it was another great Friday Night Lights down at CrossFit HQ. The last workout always is the most humbling, with a lot of the members limited in movements but still gave it everything!


The in house competition was heating up too, and we’ll be announcing the overall winners for 2024 below! All additional challenges in this week were worth double points, so the points were all to play for. It’s been the closest race we have had since running our in-house competition at the gym.


Let’s start with the workout though, here’s 24.3:


All for time: 

5 rounds of:    
    10 thrusters, weight 1
    10 chest-to-bar pull-ups 

Rest 1 minute, then:

5 rounds of:
    7 thrusters, weight 2
    7 bar muscle-ups 

Time cap: 15 minutes

65, 95 lb (29, 43 kg)
95, 135 lb (43, 61 kg)



All for time: 

5 rounds of:
    10 thrusters, weight 1
    10 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups 

Rest 1 minute, then:

5 rounds of:
    7 thrusters, weight 2
    7 chin-over-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 15 minutes

45 lb, 65 lb (20, 29 kg)
65 lb, 95 lb (29, 43 kg)


The Cook Off 

This week there were two cooking challenges and it was a great way to finish off the Open. Teams had to create a cheesecake and a cocktail for the commissioner to judge. Both the Blue and the Black team opted for a Biscoff inspired cheesecake, with Blue finishing first (created by Izzy!) and Somer from the Black team in second. Isobel from the Grey team was in third place with her strawberry cheesecake. This was a hard competition, as all three were delicious!


For the cocktails, team captain Clint from the Blue team made a gin Bramble, Rhian created a salted caramel espresso martini and team captain El also created an espresso martini. Cocktail queen Rhian received the crown, with El in second and Clint in third.

Reel Challenge

For this challenge, the teams had to create a reel all about why their team members joined CrossFit and give a bit of perspective as to their journey. The winning reel was the one with the most likes after four days. The celebrity appearance of Mr Motivator tipped Black team in first place with Blue in second and Grey in third. Take a look at all the reels here [LINK] or on the CrossFit Choice Instagram page.


Poem Challenge

All teams had to create a poem which would get posted onto the CrossFit Choice Instagram page, with the post receiving the most likes and shares being named the winner. Black team’s creative rap gave them the top spot, with Blue team in second and Grey team in third.


At the recent awards night, the winning team was rewarded with a spot on the CrossFit Open plaque. 


The winning team for 2024 is….. The Blue team, with Black team in second and Grey in third.


Overall Points:

Blue 2184

Black 2167 

Grey 2143

For the team points, it’s important to highlight that the Grey Team won the Open every week with their workout scores, there was a great deal of consistency across each team member which needs to be recognised!

Social media was on a different level this year from all of  the Black Team with a huge shout out to Somer and Gemma.

The Blue team were the most consistent across each open workout, each challenge and social media throughout the three weeks which ultimately won them the top spot!

We want to say a massive well done to Lee Herron for finishing highest male gym member and Taryn Schmidt for finishing highest female gym member, very well deserved!

Lindsey had the huge task of capturing all the data on social media, collating the points and ensuring the competition remained fair throughout which was a massive job, without her the in-house competition wouldn’t work, so thank you!

It’s been a really tight race this year, the closest we have had and each and every team member gave it everything which is why we love the Open. We love what it brings in terms of community and people pushing themselves to the next level. Members are often surprised at how much better they perform than they thought and this is always a great experience for them, showing that it’s our mindset that can often hold us back.

We can’t wait to see you all at the next Open!

If you would like to try CrossFit, we have free trial classes for anyone who is interested. Simply, sign up here and get involved, you won’t regret it!