Week 2 of the CrossFit Open was a good one. The workout was much longer than most CrossFit workouts and involved more floor space than the previous one, so the gym floor was packed on Friday night!


We love hosting the Friday night Lights Event as it really does bring the community together and showcase the true spirit of crossfit.


What we love about CrossFit is that the workouts are so varied and the available skill range is huge. Which is why people of different strengths, whether it’s physical strength, gymnastics, cardio, everyone has different areas of expertise. In this week’s workout having a specific skill of double-unders meant many people had to complete the scaled version which does show how skills are scalable within CrossFit.


The 24.2 Workout:


As many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

300-meter row
10 deadlifts
50 double-unders

Women – 125 lb (56 kg)
Men – 185 lb (83 kg)

As many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

300-meter row
10 deadlifts
50 single-unders

Women –  95 lb (43 kg)
Men – 135 lb (61 kg)


The Cook-Off

As part of the in-house competition, the cook-off this week was to make the best curry and all three teams opted for the Thai curry variety. This week’s chefs were: Clint, Gemma and El with El from the grey team taking first place, Clint from the blue team taking second place and Gemma in last place for the black team.


The Wildcard Challenge

This week’s wildcard challenge was a ring hold, where the athletes held in an extended arm position on two hanging rings. The winner is the longest one to stay in position, Blue team took the win with Sean lasting the longest, Lauren finished second for the grey team and Rhian came last for the Black team.


Fun Challenge

As an additional challenge the teams had to nominate a team member to create a paper aeroplane and fly it the furthest, with the aeroplanes having to be made live just before the challenge took place (avoiding ant opportunities for cheating!). Coach Paul from the Blue team came first, Grey team’s Lauren came second and Rhian took third place for the black team.


Team Points This Week:

1st – Blue (1443pts)

2nd – Black (1432pts)

3rd – Grey (1415pts)


A much closer result after workout 24.2 across the teams, with the grey team edging the win on the workouts by 4 pts. It was the social media and challenges that have allowed the blue team to move into first place. Black team’s social media presence has also been strong across week two.


This is really exciting as it is the tightest race we have had in the Open in house competitions as we move into the Final Week.


We cannot wait for the final week of the CrossFit Open and the final Friday Night Lights. It’s going to be great to see how the in-house competition pans out with double points available for the challenges with extra challenges thrown in for fun!


Again, we’ve had some more feedback and we love to see how our members have found their first CrossFit Open experience:


“I love being part of the amazing community who cheers each other on”


“10/10 the judges were so supportive and got me through the workout, community spirit is always amazing at CF Choice!”


If this is making you think you would like to try CrossFit, we have free trial classes for anyone who is interested. Simply, sign up here and get involved, you won’t regret it!