Starting a fitness routine especially with CrossFit, can seem daunting. The good news? You don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit. In fact, it’s a perfect place for beginners, regardless of their shape or fitness level. Let’s debunk the myths and guide you through the initiation process.


Breaking the Myth:

Social media often portrays CrossFit as an exclusive club for the already fit. Ignore the facade. CrossFit is for everyone, including those who are overweight or out of shape. Coaches tailor workouts to your abilities, fostering a supportive environment where your progress is cheered on, not judged.


Your Own Worst Critic:

Expect self-doubt, especially in the beginning. It’s normal to compare yourself to others, but remember, your coach and the community are there to uplift you. Discover your strength, often underestimated, and witness your progress over time.


Trial Classes:

Before committing, try free classes offered by CrossFit gyms (at CrossFit Choice we have a free trial class!). It’s an opportunity to acquaint yourself with coaches, fellow members, and the gym environment. Feel the vibe and choose a community that resonates with your goals and comfort.


Quality Coaching Matters:

When selecting a CrossFit gym, prioritise coaching quality. A coach should pay attention, correct your form, and ensure your safety. Your fitness journey’s success depends on a supportive and knowledgeable coaching team.


Assessment and Modification:

Prepare for an initial assessment with a coach. This helps in understanding your fitness level and tailoring workouts accordingly. Exercises will initially focus on body weight, gradually incorporating weights as you progress.


The Journey Begins:

Your initial weeks will be challenging, introducing you to varied and intense workouts. The routine usually includes warm-ups, skill or strength components, and the workout of the day (WOD). Confidence is key—every step forward is an accomplishment.

CrossFit vs. Other Fitness Programmes:

Starting CrossFit from scratch is more effective than attempting to get fit through other programmes. CrossFit’s adaptability and scalable workouts make it suitable for beginners, with trainers providing personalised attention.


Community Support:

CrossFit athletes understand the struggles of starting. The community is welcoming because its members have been in your shoes. They’ve overcome challenges and are excited to see you do the same.


Starting CrossFit is a courageous step toward comprehensive fitness. Regardless of your current fitness level, the community, coaching, and adaptable workouts make it an ideal choice. Embrace the challenge, and remember: you’re not just getting fit to do CrossFit; you’re doing CrossFit to become fit. 

If you want to try a CrossFit class for yourself, book a free session here and realise that you don’t have to be fit to take part in CrossFit!